Mouth Dissolving Strips for Dental Care


Flaunt your beautiful smile by including BonAyu teeth whitening and sensitivity strips in your routine. Dissolved in the mouth in 10 minutes, these strips do not produce any additional waste and can be easily used on-the-go — no mess and no need to remove them. The strips stick directly to teeth, allowing you to go about your normal activities alongside the intake. The peppermint flavor refreshes the breath and the strip ensures good oral health.

What are BonAyu Dental care strips?

If you are wondering whether whitening strips genuinely work?- Then we’d like to state ‘Yes’. In as little as a few days, teeth whitening strips can brighten your smile visibly. These are a popular dental hygiene tool that can help whiten teeth and remove stains. BonAyu Dental Care Strips are known for their patented technology of offering more dose per strip, that makes the treatment more effective.

The activated charcoal binds with the rough parts on the teeth, i.e. the stains and plaque, to remove the yellow layer from the teeth. The coconut oil has lauric acid as one of its primary constituent, which undergoes a breakdown to simpler compound called monolaurin. The lauric acid and monolaurin together act on the harmful bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms that cause tooth decay, bad breath and other oral diseases. This teeth whitening formula by BonAyu not only does an efficacious tooth whitening, but also firmly acts on reducing the sensational signals from reaching the brain.

Why should you buy BonAyu Dental care strips?

With the advent of these on-the-go, easy to consume mouth dissolving strips, dental care has become an uncomplicated process. Your dental hygiene companion comes in these compact teeth whitening and sensitivity strips that can be applied at any time according to your convenience. Many individuals like how well these strips stay on their teeth and slide off cleanly. Because of their no-slip grip, the strips stay in place on teeth.

These teeth whitening strips can be used once or twice (at max.) a day by the user. It will eliminate both extrinsic and intrinsic tooth stains when used as prescribed. After exposing your teeth to activated charcoal and the goodness of coconut oil, you will be able to maintain a great oral hygiene. The lauric acid attacks Streptococcus mutans which causes tooth decay and ceases its activity.

Dentin is a chemical that is triggered due to thermal, tactile, osmotic or chemical misbalance. It leads to causing Dentinal Hypersensitivity. The potassium nitrate, one of the key constituent of BonAyu teeth whitening and teeth sensitivity strips, effectively reduces this pain. Made using potassium nitrates, these teeth whitening strips decrease the fluid flow through the tubules by clogging them, thereby preventing the sensations from reaching the brain. These nitrates in Potassium nitrates are safe to consume and FDA approved.

How our Mouth Disolving Dental Care Strips benefits you?

  1. Whitening along with actively reducing sensitivity: You must be aware that using teeth whitening formulations without clinically established active components won't get you real benefits. Unsafe whitening methods, according to dentists, can harm oral health, cause sensitivity, and damage enamel. BonAyu dental care strips are gentle on teeth and safer on gums.
  2. Easy to store and teleport: Because the strips are thin and well-packaged, they're easy to transport. They take up far less space in your backpack or luggage than tablets or tonics because of their compact formation.
  3. No side effects: Since ODS dissolve quickly, they don't have the same side effects as other drugs, such as acidity or ulcers.

Why Choose BonAyu LifeSciences?

BonAyu is redefining the way we look at teeth whitening with the launch of the Fast-Dissolving Whitening Strips. Our Teeth Whitening Strips are developed by dentists to effectively and safely whiten your teeth while causing minimum irritation. Powered with ingredients like activated charcoal and coconut oil, these strips relieve the pain in tooth, along with adding brightness to your smile. BonAyu also has products like breath strips , teeth sensitivity stripsenergy booster supplementimmune booster supplements , vitamins for skinvitamins for hair and nutrition supplement etc.

BonAyu was created with the objective of developing the safest and most effective oral health solutions for our patients. Dentists' and patients all over the world use and recommend our products. We want to make an impact. That's why our product line incorporates the most recent developments in oral care research with the best quality ingredients, keeping our patients, customers, and the environment in mind. Using globally sourced finest quality ingredients that are all-natural, sugar-free, and gluten-free, we work to bring simplification, ease of use, and healthy living to this over-stressed world.