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Mouth Dissolving Strips for Energy

The traditional way to consume medicine has been through pills. But that has changed in recent years. Mouth Dissolving energy supplements from Bonayu India are formulated so that the energy vitamin strip dissolves upon coming in contact with a wet surface like the tongue.

What are BonAyu Energy strips?

BonAyu energy strip is water-soluble and dissolves quickly in your saliva. It is recommended to take this product a few minutes before working out. These products are a pre-workout best energy booster, providing a long-lasting energy rush. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often use these types of strips and whey protein blend to increase alertness and improve energy levels during exercise. They are dissolved in your mouth and absorbed into your bloodstream very fast. You can take these dietary supplements either before or after working out to give your body a boost. These energy strips are easy to use and convenient to carry with you at all times.

Why should you use BonAyu Energy strips?

  1. Consuming energy strips before or during exercise have been widely acknowledged as the best energy booster supplement. It also provides a rush of endorphins which reduce stress & anxiety. Energy strips are a quick & convenient way to get your daily intake of necessary vitamins and minerals. It's easy to use. Just place the strip under your tongue & relax for 2-3 seconds. You will get a result within minutes.
  2. Moreover, these strips are completely natural. The high concentration of B6 vitamins to help energy boost is found in these strips, making them a potent source of this mineral.
  3. It's recommended that you have coffee shots around the same time each morning to get the most benefit. These are small doses of shots that can be absorbed quickly and provide a quick energy boost. This small coffee shot before workout can help you reach your goals and get the most out of your activity.

What Are The Daily Essentials People Miss Out On Due To Lifestyle Changes And Busy Schedule?

People tend to overlook essential aspects of their health and nutrition that can prevent or even treat various diseases.

How Energy Strips Can Fulfil The Necessary Requirement?

Energy strips are a perfect source to boost energy as they provide you with instant energy and power. These strips help provide essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

How do our Mouth Dissolving Energy Strips benefit you?

  1. The energy strips help in increasing alertness and improving body tolerance. This eventually helps in body building and elevated fitness.
  2. The energy strips help in improving metabolism thereby helping in burning fat faster.
  3. The energy strips enable athletes to do more work for longer periods in sports.
  4. Taken as a pre-workout, BonAyu energy strips work as supplements fit for everyday use.

What changes do they bring to the body if consumed regularly?
Regular use of energy strips can help you wake up, stay alert, and combat fatigue. They also contain caffeine and sugar, which can help stimulate mental activity and increase energy.

Importance Of Regular Consumption And Usage –

  1. These are a great way to stay healthy and act as healthy energy boosters.
  2. Regular consumption of these foods will help remove toxins from your system, improve your immune system and reduce your risk of many diseases.

Usage – These strips meltdown within a few seconds when put on the tip of the tongue—hence no need to chew. You can have these strips (one to three in quantity) before three hours of your night's sleep. Or you can have (one to two strips) five minutes before your workout.

Why Choose BonAyu LifeSciences?

BonAyu LifeSciences is constantly working to refine its technology and continue to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare and lifestyle space. The company is also engaged in R&D and product development to create new and better delivery solutions for its brands. The company is also working on various other innovations, including 'smart' pills, water-soluble vitamins etc., with controlled dosing that do not cause any side effects. Some of BonAyu energy supplements are already in market like whey protein powder, multivitamin supplement for adults, apple cider vinegar gummies, ashwagandha gummies, nutrition supplement etc. The team at BonAyu is dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible, from choosing the right type of pill to taking the recommended dosage to the efficient delivery of their products to their customers' needs.


  1. Why use these energy strips?
    These products help increase your overall energy levels by providing sufficient energy health supplements.
  2. Why is it different from other products?
    It is directly absorbed into your bloodstream just by putting the strips on the tip of the tongue. No need for water to digest as a pill. Thus, it acts as the best energy booster in no time.
  3. How much to intake?
    For simple workouts, you can use one to two supplements to improve energy. For heavy workouts, use three to four supplements to help energy boost.