Mouth Dissolving Strips for Nutrition


Oral dissolving strips for the best nutrition work as a nutrient delivery system that lets a thin strip melt upon contact with the tongue, making the nutrients straight enter the bloodstream, act fast, and provide a significant portion of the active compound with each dose.

With no water required, the best nutritional supplements available in these strips can be taken anytime, anywhere, to get quick results. This makes it a highly advanced option to other nutraceutical choices. Given that it is full of exotic natural flavours, liquefies in your mouth quickly, and removes the possibility of choking on a pill, we at BonAyu strongly believe mouth dissolving strips is the future.

What are BonAyu Nutrition strips?

BonAyu nutrition strips are full of dietary and health supplements, making them the best alternate option for pills, capsules, and syrups. Our nutrition strips come in different forms like Zinc supplement, Probiotics for adults, Probiotics for kids, Whey Protein supplement, Vitamin D supplement, Green Tea supplement, Multivitamins for adults, Multivitamins For Kids and Vitamin B complex. Glutathione All these forms include essential nutrients and the best antioxidant supplements to meet the different requirements of the body.

Glutathione strips the master antioxidant Supports Skin Brightening Zinc strips are beneficial for normal brain function and immune function and help with bones, nails, and hair growth. Probiotics assist with the effective absorption of vitamins and minerals, supporting gut health, thus, making the digestive tract efficient in ingesting nutrients. Vitamin D strips are beneficial for healthy muscle functions and make bones and teeth healthier. Green tea strips are best for revitalizing your body and purifying blood to maintain cholesterol levels. Multivitamin strips for adults contribute to the effective working of the immune system and support regular energy release. Lastly, Vitamin B Complex strips maintain overall health, including hair, skin, nervous and immune systems.

Why Should You Buy BonAyu Nutrition Strips?

BonAyu strips are more science and technology driven patented safe and compliance friendly, ease of use from Kids to Geriatrics and come in the form of mouth dissolving strips vital nutrients and antioxidants support Allows enhanced accuracy, as every strip is produced to include a specific dosage to give you daily nutrition. Ease of supervision makes our strips advantageous for pediatric, old-age people, and patients with neurodegenerative diseases. It also offers an alternative to patients who have swallowing disorders. Our nutrition strips can calm and relieve your body. It helps in relaxing your nerves as well as your mind.
Replenish salts and restore minerals with our vitalizing nutritional strips. It will also revitalize your body by boosting energy levels pre or post-exercise.

Our health and nutrition strips will stimulate your hair growth by preventing hair loss and delaying the commencement of greys. Take a vitamin B complex strip daily and enjoy beautiful and healthy hair.
We also have energy strips that let you get quicker energy refueling because of fast absorption. These wellness nutrition strips are perfect for getting immediate energy. Also, it gives essential nutrients and assists with normal energy release.
Our health and nutrition strips include clinically proven components that furnish a secure and stable energy source. These strips reduce weakness, enhance stamina, increase mental concentration, promote continuous energy, and help athletic performance and rehydration.

How Do Our Mouth Dissolving Nutrition Strips Benefit You?

  1. A healthy and balanced diet provides the body with enough nutrients to perform regular tasks. BonAyu’s health products and supplements with minerals, vitamins, significant phytochemicals, and more refine the body's internal organs to enhance cellular safety, restoration, regeneration, and renewal procedure.
  2. Enables increased dosing efficiency compared to liquid formation because each strip involves a significant drug amount.
  3. Oral strips assures more precise control of drugs and can also enhance compliance because of the inherent nature of the dosage type and its ease of control. These properties are especially advantageous for patients to whom giving an accurate and complete dose is quite challenging.
  4. Our mouth dissolving strips can dissolve quickly without requiring water. This gives the best alternative to patients with swallowing problems and patients having discomfort from nausea, and those receiving chemotherapy.
  5. Oral strip drug delivery can let the growth of responsive drug targets that otherwise cannot be feasible in tablets or liquid medicines.

Why Choose BonAyu LifeSciences?

BonAyu Life Sciences focuses on creating organic and completely nutritional products by bringing in sync the best of natural ingredients and future-ready science. We make healthy, easy to have, and flavourful, products to give you a healthier and happier life. Our diet and nutrition products are made by real nutrition experts who are ardent about health and well-being.

The BonAyu nutrition shop brings together natural ingredients and innovative science to make potential combinations of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Our revolutionary nutrition and daily essential products are developed to create a difference into your life. Thus, we can make you healthier and happier with our dietary supplements.