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Benefits of Soluble Strips

Fast-dissolving super thin oral films have gained velocity in the pharmaceutical industry over disintegrating tablet technology because of several reasons. They are handy to carry, patients don’t have difficulties in swallowing or chewing solid dosage forms. Oral dissolving films or soluble strips have rapidly taken over the pharma world, upstaging tablets, capsules, syrups and even fast dissolving tablets that have been used over a long period of time. This new way of oral drug consumption is revolutionary for the industry, as it has immense benefits for the consumer.

The key benefits of soluble strips are:

  • Dissolves in seconds without water: The films are usually designed to dissolve after contacting a wet surface (tongue) within seconds. This means there is no need for additional water. This makes ingestion easy for children, as it is hassle-less without the feeling of getting gagged when taking bigger capsules.
  • Absorption: This is a very important part of the consumption. The absorption of the strips is far easier than any other form as the drug is directly absorbed into systemic circulation. This means that the degradation in gastrointestinal tract and first pass effect can be avoided when taking it in. The effect of the drug is faster and with far more ease
  • No added sugar: Unlike syrups and some tablets, some of the brands have launched strips with no added sugar. The time of consumption is so less that the person taking them doesn’t feel the need for an added sugary taste, unlike the case of larger medicines. This is a big boon for those who don’t want to add excessive sugar in their intake and carefully monitor it.
  • Low on calories: The soluble film strip is low on calories as compared to many other forms of medication and supplements. People who are conscious of each and every calorie that they ingest, this is a big improvement on other drugs.
  • Lactose & gluten free: Many of the films are made without the use of dairy and are in effect, lactose free. This is relevant for vegans and lactose intolerant users. Many of the oral solubles are made from gluten free ingredients, making it safe for those who get gluten allergies.
  • Easy to carry: Though this is not a health benefit, it is a huge factor of convenience for the users. The strips are thin and handy to carry making them easy to put in a small bag or even a wallet or pocket. Since they come in trendy and easy to use packaging, there is no need to carry full strips or bottles of capsules or tablets.
  • No side effects like acidity & ulcers: Tablets and capsules are known to give acidity or ulcers to some sensitive users. Oral films overcome this issue with ease as they are gentle on the stomach lining and have no side effects that are detrimental.

Soluble films are making a huge impact on the fast-dissolve pharmaceutical drug delivery, as a handy and hassle-free alternative of drug administration.