What Can You Do About Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitivity is a very common issue in today’s era as most of our daily diet comprises sticky and sweet food. In spite of it being common, people are still unaware of what it actually is. Sensitivity is basically the sudden sharp pain that you experience in your teeth when you consume something too hot or too cold. If you can understand what I’m saying, trust me, it’s high time now, you gotta consult a dentist now.

Definitely, sensitivity isn’t something that you can totally avoid, but here are a few tips which you can follow beforehand to avoid getting into situations like this. Have a look!

1. Look after your enamel:

Enamel is that hard, protective layer of teeth that helps your teeth undergo any rough experiences. Without it, it will lead to exposure of your nerve endings ultimately causing a toothache. In order to avoid causing any damage to it, do not brush too hard. Use soft-bristled toothbrushes to not hurt the enamel. Sticky, sugary foods should also be avoided. 

2. Avoid bleaching:

Bleaching can definitely give you amazing white teeth, but can sometimes make you end up with severely sensitive teeth. Hence, in times like this, you should avoid using products containing hydrogen peroxide, as they tend to weaken the gums.

3. Look out for the root cause:

Usually, we tend to look for temporary solutions for our tooth sensitivity, but we never know what the underlying cause might be. There might be something big behind the minor toothaches. For example, sometimes people can be facing issues like naturally shrinking gums which can be due to the wear and there of the teeth after prolonged usage. Or maybe the issue can be gum disease, due to the presence of tartar and plaque, which can only be cured by deep cleaning.

4. Visit a dentist:

If the problem tends to carry on for a longer period of time, the best thing to do is to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Sensity can also be an indication of some underlying issues, so better to early than late. Your dentist might suggest you the correct treatment for the issue. He can also suggest you some products like mild toothpaste, fluoride gel, etc. Sometimes the doctor can also tell you to go with an extraction or root canal in extreme cases.

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