Why should you have Caffeine before working out?

Caffeine – one of the stimulants that has both a good and bad reputation. While some swear on its ability to get them up and running, others find it to be extremely addictive. Coffee is one of the primary ways to ingest caffeine. While some know how to have it in moderation, others are huge snobs about everything related to coffee and have it a bit too much for it to turn into something negative. 

Well there is some good news for coffee lovers! Research shows that not only can coffee help with staying alert, it also is really useful before one starts working out!

It is not heretical to hear of fitness trainers asking gym goers to have a cup of coffee before coming for a workout. The trend has been fast catching up for the last few years. Not only have regular fitness enthusiasts adopted this, but even professional athletes recommend the use of caffeine. Many professional athletes, especially runners use caffeine to increase their time to exhaustion or as post-exercise recovery.

Increases Alertness

Caffeine helps with staying focused and alert during workout. It also helps with the push you require to get yourself going.It is really important to stay focused and alert during the workout to avoid the risk of injuries. 

Helps With Fat Loss 

Coffee also may help the muscles burn more fat. Muscles use glycogen, a stored version of glucose, for energy, and when glycogen stores run out, muscles get weaker and less efficient, leading to exhaustion. Caffeine can help muscles burn fat instead of glycogen. This makes sure that the muscles don’t tire easily and fat loss also takes place.This leads to a longer and less painful workout.

Reduces Fatigue

As Caffeine acts a strong stimulant for keeping oneself awake, alert and focused during work out. It reduces the mental feeling of fatigue and also helps in maintaining the glycogen levels in muscle, thereby reducing the physical fatigue.

The challenge however is how much coffee is too much coffee? Too much caffeine can trigger restlessness and anxiety. We at BonAyu have come with the perfect solution for you to have the right amount of caffeine. BonAyu’s National Award Winning Mouth Dissolving Strips have the right amount of concentrated caffeine required. We also have coffee shots with the right dosage before workout. 

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