Advantages of a Mouth Dissolving Strip

Mouth dissolving strips instead of taking pills or injections is a safe and easy way to take any kind of supplements. This is fairly new in India and revolutionary for the pharma and supplements industry.  Find information on dissolvable strips and learn about their advantages and reasons why one should choose them over traditional pills.

Times are changing and so is everything around us. Technology is making unprecedented progress in the world. This progress is resulting in the betterment of the people, their lifestyle, habits, profession, and health. One area where the growth of technology and innovation is quite evident and extremely important in the health sector. With constant research and innovation, efforts are made to improve the well-being of individuals with as much convenience as possible. People are spending money on different things like the best vitamins for energy, caffeine supplements, pre-workout drink, fat loss supplements, hair, skin and nails supplements, etc to not just feel good but also look good, and have a sustained healthy lifestyle.

One such innovation that is gaining a lot of traction is mouth-dissolvable strips. As far as we can remember, the traditional way to consume medicine has been through pills – small ones and big capsules. But that has changed in recent years. These strips have been designed in such a way that upon coming in contact with a wet surface like the tongue, the strip just dissolves. A person need not consume water after placing the strips on the tongue to take medicine. These dissolvable strips are made for various purposes. For example, there is a power strip, an acne strip, a cough strip and also a tooth whitening strip. Many pharmaceutical companies are now working on developing strips to deliver their drugs and medicine to people in an easy manner. There are many reasons due to which a person might decide to choose the dissolvable strips over the traditional pills. Below is a list of the advantages that dissolvable strips have over medical pills:

No Water:  A person is not required to consume water after taking a dissolvable strip. So, you can just have it on the go without any struggle.

No Choking:  Although for centuries, pills have been the main method of taking medicines but there are certain complications associated with it. Some people have difficulty swallowing pills. There are also instances when people choke on the pills. In such cases, dissolvable strips are a safer and more convenient option.

Accuracy of the dose: When compared to the dosage while consuming medicine through a syrup, the accuracy of consuming the required dose is higher in strips.

Compliance: Since the administration of medicine through strips is really easy and convenient, the patients are more likely to comply and take their medicines on time.

Masking the Taste: The strips dissolve quickly on the application. So, you do not have to bear with the taste for much longer.

Portability: The strips are much easier and much more convenient to carry around than pills or syrup. You can fit them in any one of your little pockets.

Easy for Children: The mouth dissolving strips are easy for children to take as the taste can be masked with fun and exciting flavors. There is no trouble in swallowing or with an aftertaste.

So, in the end, it can be safely said that the strips are a great alternative for the pills especially for people who have difficulty swallowing pills and run the trouble of choking on them. Looking for alternatives to traditional pills? Find mouth dissolving strips for your intake of supplements.