Protein Powder: Why and How To Use It

Protein, also known as the “building blocks of life”, is an essential component for an individual’s survival. It is one of the important macronutrients, along with carbohydrates and fats, for living a healthy life.

Protein’s major constituents are amino acids which are synonymous with muscle food. They promote muscle growth, leading to bulk-up. Thus, protein powder can be defined as edible protein which comes in grounded and milled forms. They are generally mixed with water to create a shake. They can also be mixed in different products like baked goods or savories.

Protein powders can be derived from both plants as well as animal-based sources.

Why consume protein powder?

As mentioned earlier, protein acts as food for muscles. But in order to fulfill the daily protein requirement of a person, you have to eat a lot. Whereas just in a few scoops of protein powder, you can easily get the same amount of protein without gulping all the food down. This will even promote fat loss, by not hampering muscle build-up. Protein powder helps you prevent the intake of unnecessary calories gained from whole food protein sources like nuts and pulses. They are a cost-effective method of sufficing your protein intake. So isn’t it a piece of good news for people with a small appetite too?

How to consume protein powder?

There are different ways of consuming protein powder. You can either consume it in a regular manner or make some new innovations out of it. Here are a few tips for you, have a look at them!

  1. The regular way:

Consume it in a conventional manner, by just mixing a few scoops of it with water and making a shake.

  1. Make a shake!

You can blend a few fresh fruits of your choice and mix them in the blender. This is a perfect breakfast option for people who are running short of time. 

  1. Mix it in different food items:

Protein shakes are versatile, which makes them easily mixable with several food items like pancakes, baked items, oatmeals, etc. Mix with different food items to make it yummier.

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