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Top 10 Tips For Daily Oral Care at Home

Teeth too are a major component of a healthy individual’s body. Brushing and flossing are not the only means of maintaining healthy dental hygiene. There are several other healthy habits too, which should be kept in mind. Here are a few tips, which you can inculcate in your daily habits for the overall well-being of your teeth. Have a look! 

  1. Brush your teeth well:

Regular maintenance of teeth is a must. Undoubtedly, brushing is the best possible way of taking care of your teeth. Proper 2 minutes brushing twice a day rule should be followed. This concept should be inculcated by parents as early as possible. Usage of the correct technique along with regular brushing is important for the overall hygiene of the teeth. Follow circular motions to ensure deep cleaning of the teeth along with the gums. 

  1. Don’t forget to floss!

Along with regular brushing, flossing is also a must! This part is the most neglected one by everyone but flossing can make a big difference as it has the capability of removing even those particles which the toothbrush is unable to reach. The major reason behind flossing is to remove those small food particles which are left out by our toothbrush, further leading to tooth decay. So better not ignore those tiny tight spaces.

  1. Choosing the right toothpaste:

A toothpaste might seem to be a very small thing but trust me it can make a major difference. Some contain excessive amounts of chemicals that can corrode the enamel. Some even contain fluoride, which is excellent for some, but not mandatory for everyone. Thus, it is always advisable to visit a dentist to make the best choice.

  1. Regular replacement of toothbrushes:

For best results, it is always advisable to change your brush every 3 to 6 months. Frayed toothbrushes don't really tend to give the best cleaning, whereas it might lead to some food being stuck in the corner. This can not only damage the teeth but also the gums. These will also help you avoid bacterial growth on the brush.

  1. Choosing the right dental products:

Generally, toothpaste is considered as the only oral care product available in the market. But, you have no idea there's way more than that. Different products like mouthwash, and oral breath care strips are available in the market, which can work wonders for your teeth.

Recently, a brand named Bonayu has come up in the market. They are known for their quality products. They have designed their products specifically for the overall betterment of their customers. Their products are made up of only natural ingredients. They even have these easily dissolvable oral breath hygiene strips containing menthol, thymol, and eucalyptol oil. It leaves you with amazing fresh breath. 

  1. Regular checkups:

Your dentist will be able to prevent issues before they start, or at least to catch them early, if you have regular dental appointments. Regular visits also allow your teeth to get a thorough professional cleaning twice a year, removing any buildup of plaque and tartar, which helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

  1. Clean your tongue too:

Cleaning your tongue every day while brushing your teeth is a must. You can use a tongue cleaner to do so. This will prevent bacterial growth in your mouth.  

  1. Drink plenty of water:

Drinking water can help prevent bacterial growth in your mouth as it will help flush down the dirt. This will also lessen the side effects of acids present in the food. Just a gentle rinse with water can also help.

  1. Avoid certain things:

For maintaining good dental hygiene, it is a must to stay away from certain things other than sugary items. You must maintain distance from carbonated beverages too as they can damage your enamel. Avoid smoking and consumption of tobacco for healthy teeth and gums. Consume leafy foods, yogurt, cheese, and nuts for strong teeth.

  1. Avoid hard food:

Avoid consumption of hard food substances as more pressure needs to be applied to chew them, which can weaken your gums and harm the enamel too. It’s a must for aged individuals to keep this thing in their kind.