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Top Tips For Using Teeth Whitening Strips

In today's high-tech era, you just can't avoid being surrounded by cameras 24 X 7. This constant attention makes everyone super conscious of their appearance. In order to present your best version, it is mandatory to take proper care of yourself. This even implies to your teeth, after all, you can win several hearts with just a lovely smile on your face. Don’t allow your teeth to come in the way of your confidence. 

Recently, a new product has come up in the market for teeth whitening. This is by far the simplest and most convenient way to improve your smile. Now, you don’t have to wait in a long queue of dentists to get your teeth whitened. It is a simple yet effective solution. Since it is a new product many people are quite unaware of its usage. Here are the top things to remember while using teeth whitening strips.

1. Be consistent:

Teeth whitening strips are no magic, it demands consistency. Yes, you will surely see some visible changes in the first usage itself but, in order to get the best results, use it for the same time period as mentioned in the instructions given behind the pack. Different formulas are used in different products, hence do not blindly follow someone else's saying. Trust the process and do it the right way.

2. Apply only on clean teeth:

It is mandatory to place the whitening strips on clean teeth. You can simply use a wet toothbrush for doing so, or else a mild toothpaste is acceptable. The whitening strips might not work well on dirty teeth, so cleaning your teeth at first is always advisable. 

3. Do not overuse it:

As we all know, nothing is good in excess. Even these teeth whitening strips are safe when used in moderation but can cause damage to your teeth when used in excess. Many teeth whitening strips available in the market have high amounts of hydrogen peroxide present in them. They can lead to teeth sensitivity and sometimes even permanent damage. Thus, it is essential to choose your product wisely. Excessive whitening agents can erode the enamel layer permanently.

Just in case you are looking for a brand that produces hydrogen peroxide-free whitening strips, then you should definitely try this newly launched brand named Bonayu. They focus on the overall welfare of their customers due to which they have introduced these whitening strips containing key ingredients like nano-activated charcoal and coconut oil. They try their best to keep harmful chemicals at bay which can tend to cause adverse effects after prolonged usage. Just try it once, and you'll fall in love with this product.

4. Place the strip correctly:

Placement of the teeth whitening strip plays a major role. I know it sounds kinda funny, but do you really want to move about with unevenly colored teeth? No right? So try to place the strip correctly without leaving any place vacant. Do this task patiently to avoid any mistakes. 

5. Leave the gums!

Yes, it is important to spread the teeth whitening strips evenly in every part of the teeth, but try to keep it distant from the gums. It might damage the soft tissues of the gums. Adverse effects are seen only when the strip touches the gums at any time, so don’t worry if the strip has touched your gums just once or twice. To be on the safer side, you can cut the strips according to the shape of your teeth to match them perfectly. 

After the sudden surge in the usage of teeth-whitening strips, many new brands have emerged. But, amongst all of these, it is important to choose the one which not only gives us the best results but also causes minimal damage to our teeth. Always look for products that contain natural ingredients for being on the safer side. Always do proper research about the product before using it.